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Over the Bridge

In the idyllic Southern Californian resort town of Coronado, a murder has occurred. In the failing surf and skate shop down the street, Allie and Ginger aren’t talking about it. When a mysterious young woman comes to buy a pair of sunglasses, the girls are forced to confront their relationships with themselves, each other, and the island they call home.

‘Over the Bridge’ has been picked up by Honeydipped Productions. News to come!



The Executioner

Lou Parks, a popular writer and ambitious revolutionary, has gathered in his small downtown apartment a group of artists, hell bent on changing the face of literature. But when new writer Harvey Lewis enters the group, Lou desperately clings to his poetry whilst trying to stop his world from changing around him.

A reading of ‘The Executioner’ was produced by Madcap Repertory in 2016, directed by Yuriy Pavlish. Contact for production inquiries.


Writer’s Block

A collection of short plays written between 2010 and 2014, including ‘Chapter 8’ and ‘Fallen Suns’, available for purchase at